Sunday, 19 January 2014

Strike Freedom - Real Grade

First Gundam of 2013 and my first Real Grade (RG 1/144)
I gave up High Grades (HG 1/144) after building my first Master Grade (MG 1/100) but had read nothing but good reviews about these recent releases from Bandai which seem to be shrunk down versions of the quite expensive Perfect Grade (PG 1/60) kits.

The kit, with great box art

Lots in here for what is a fairly small scale

Feet (the parts behind are required to make a single foot as seen in front)

The engineering of the legs is simply stunning. You cut one large piece off and the joints are all molded in and just start moving with no extra work required.

Lower body and torso done, these come together like a MG with smaller parts :-)

Completed arm and all the parts for its twin.

Armed :-)

Shouldered, these open slightly to reveal the gold underneath.

Face. Even without panel lining it looks good.

Skirt/thruster things fitted to the side, they can rotate back if needed. Backpack on.

Its quite heavy so he has a lil lean on.

Panel lining underway.

Dissasembled for flat coating (makes it look less plastic)

And fully extended with blasters in the hip and dual beam sabres linked at the bases for a Darth Maul look :-)

Finally in the cabinet with some friends

I would highly recommend these Real Grade kits to anyone wanting to try Gundam's. I have 2 more on the way and will be trying out painting etc.
These are very affordable and are priced very well.

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