Thursday, 2 January 2014

December Stash Additions

Here are my additions for December

Lets start with the kits that will be built in 2014
First the Aventador which ill be getting a detail set for and possibly doing in matt black or bright orange.

Something for the wife to try her hand at

Should look great in the cabinet if I can do the quality of the kit even a little justice

My birthday present to myself & in lieu of a gift from the wife she chipped in.

& my xmas present to myself, again in lieu of a gift from the wife she chipped in on this. Its not an expensive kit but shipping was considerable (the drawer in the background is A4 size)

Some other Gundams & the like

Some AFV

More Thunderbirds

Something local (there is an airforce base 30 minute drive away)

First Star trek kit, not a fan of Star Trek but do like kits with lights and sounds :-)

& some tools etc

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