Halloween The Night He came Home - Polar Lights

My first figure/diorama and my first ever lighting in a lit.

Halloween The Night He Came Home
The Kit

Started 28th December 2012

Test fit and bottle for ModelAir for scale.

Seams filled and drying in spray booth.

29th December 2012
I realized I could make an attempt at lighting this with the LED candles the wife has lying around.
So here goes nothing at my 1st attempt at kit lighting with hole for wires in base of pumpkin.

This is the candle that will be donating its organs for the pumpkin.

Black automotive primer provides the light blocking I was hoping for, candle dismantled to reveal a great setup for lighting the pumpkin.

Test fit and assembly and im over the moon at how good the effect looks.
Video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXShtgl24PI

30th December 2012
Stoked with the lighting so onto the porch, painted with model air.

Abrasive cord from Micro Mark is awesome for getting between fingers.

Primer on time for a NY drink.

1st January 2013 - Happy New Year
Working on the skin tone for the hands, again im impressed with the Vallejo model Air paints ability to mix. The hands look good but need some more sanding before final paint and im thinking a darkish was to simulate the grime that is unavoidable while going on a murderous rampage.

Hair to head fit is ok as far as gaps go but the flow of hair does not line up well so there will be some fiddly filling/sanding before im happy with this

Not a lot of progress expected over the next couple of weeks but one life settles back into its routine I can get some more bench time
13th January 2013
Lil bit of progress getting the head together and seamlines in hair pretty much gone, letterbox started

21st January 2013
Decent progress on the steps. Leaves painted (not happy with them) M

asked off other leaves etc PVA water mix smothered in black and white flocking that once dried was sprayed green to give a more grass like look.

 Some diorama foam used to make some shrubbery and hide the seams etc round the steps

31st January 2013
Alclad primer on body sprayed, next i try to find a decent 'overall' colour

Wash on hands and base on knife ready for Alclad steel

Trick or Treating bag given basic 'paper bag' colour

Got some diorama leaves etc and spread them round, pretty happy with result.

Porch railing still fighting me but after a dip in the simple green they have taken a cool weather look that hopefully i can make work for me.

3rd February 2013
Body time, got a colour down that im happy with and gives the 'overalls' look. Spraying carefully I was able to get a decent amount of shadow from the black primer.

Slightly slighter shade of the blur sprayed from above, will see how that works out.

Knife done (Alclad polished steel) and face masked off (micro mask) so hair can be sprayed

4th February 2013

Head done, just needs some weathering

Dried blood wash was too dark so some (Alclad) candy red added to make it look 'fresher'

And he is finally all in one piece and wash over body. Next step is some mud/blood work

7th February 2013

Some more pics of finished Michael standing upright this time

Test fit on the steps which still need all the accessories etc added

8th February 2013
got the railings done, not perfect but as they say 'completion over perfection'

Candy and mask done.

also highlighted the title and added a wash to the concrete path.

13th February 2013
Finished, assembled and in the display cabinet. The scale of the porch does not fit the figure but overall im happy with almost everything.

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