Iron Man MkVII 1/9 by Dragon

This build was started at the beginning of June 2013 as part of Scale Model Addicts 'Big Spring Contest 2013' in the Figure category.
It was my first attempt at lighting a beyond shoving a LED inside a pumpkin (see my Halloween build)

It seems so long ago that the idea for this one arrived in my crazy mind.
Dual 1/9th builds in the Iron Man theme along with the MV Augusta

So into the figure I go. Great detail on the ches plates etc but the internal frame will be the fun part of this one

Also had to do some mods on the limbs as well, wires need to somewhere.

Even the hands which were made of a softer plastic so will be inetresting getting light through here.

A button LED in the chest and some 'light transporters' means there is light at the end of the tunnels.

There is a sold piece supplied for the arc reactor so lets try moulding one from craft glue

Unfortunatley this is when my camera packed up :-/

So photos now with camcorder :-/

Arc reactor cover came out ok, will made a more solid one for the finished kit.

Same 'light transporters used to give him some eyes

Nice bright LED into cheat to supply light to the hands and eyes via light transporters.
Holes in the torso frame required for wiring actually easier than I first thought.

Test fit looking good so far

Wires through leg and feet and first mount on base.

Test fit with the rest of the panels on. Paint is getting close

Yay, new camera time and I can upload directly to photobucket over wifi from the camera.

Switch mounted in base

First coat is Vallejo Metallic Black  (wireds make a great way to hang while drying)

Than its a coat of Alclad Mirror Gold for Lexan (spoon tests were done to make sure there were no paint reactions)

Base gets a coat of diorama texture paint

First coat of Alclad Candy Red (ill be buying more of these candy colours)

Face on and im happy with the colours

Time to get the silver parts

Gold is on and he is on the base

And with the Iron Man themed bike

Final Images

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