Saturday, 4 January 2014

Revell F-117A Knighthawk 1/48 - Last build of 2013

I guess this is more follow as I built as it pretty much done minus final pics that will follow once i get my DSLR back from my mates place where it was left at new years.

This is my first 'jet' build (excluding an eggplane) in many many years, aprox 15-20 years since i did a f14 badly :-) but the kit has been staring back at me and I wanted something I could get done by 2014 so it is far from perfect but im happy to have it in the cabinet

(click on images for a larger pic)

The kit, nuff said

Not a huge amount of parts with some very large parts. (all primed with Army Painter black primer on the frame to start with)

Tinted clear parts, pity most of it will be painted over or be a small light (this kit would be easy to light with some small LEDS)

Decal sheet for 2 versions, each with 2 variants

Cockpit, no aftermarket parts here (or anywhere in this kit)

Quick wash helps the details pop

Seat is far from perfect but with the limited amount of it being seen it will do.

Decal for front panel cam out quite nicely.

Seat done.

Took enough paints to get the seat done.

Front bay, sprayed with VMA white, hoses picjked out in red and silver then washed with Vallejo Grey wash

Cockpit 90% assembled. Unsure if the pilot is going in or not at this stage.

Getting the wings to join properly was probably the least fun part of this puild

The wings also house the rear landing gear bays

Wings attached (the trays in the background are the generic a4 size warehouse ones so this will be a good size on the shelf)

Vintage Revell

Lid is on :-)

Cockpit masking was fun with the sharp zig zags at the back

Painted the pilot, not that excited by it so leaning towards a landed with cockpit up pose

All the other little parts for the wheels, landing gear, landing bay doors etc

I love this putty for small gaps in tight corners like this

Printed these bases on a generic colour laser printer at work, will glue to something for a base.

Rear landing gear

The primer makes a decent top coat for a stealth finish

Warehouse stationary canvas board will do as the base

Glued on fine, but intead or grabbing the clearcoat i grabbed the black primer, many 4 letter words were used and the bench was left in favour of beer at this point

Looks pretty evil like this (i use cheap kitchen 'chux' wipes as a filter of the booth when using rattle cans so they can be easily and regularly changed)

Almost all parts are ready to go

Base update, as I was worred there might not be enough weight in the nose so I have embedded a mini magnet into the base, ill add the other side to the front wheel of needed.

Luckily I had the other slighly more stained looking pattern, which after drying and matt coat got a concrete wash which helped it look less like paper.

Ready for decals

How could I say no to she sharkmouth variant :-) Pencil was used to try and give some texture/depth to the intakes.

Knighthaks first steps on its new legs

AK products used to bring the stains to life

Cockpit on (that was a tricky job getting it to balance) and it is done.

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