Sunday, 4 May 2014

1:1 diorama or a workbench

Latest build has been the mancave/workbench so why not document it

The old setup
my photo photo aa_zps8f4992a3.jpg

Best stuff ever for packing, and works a treat on the paint racks
 photo SAM_1784_zps51fba1a0.jpg

The new cave, dont ya love the wall colour :-/  photo SAM_1787_zps95cf51c6.jpg

PC is setup at least, the angled ceilings up there limit what can go where.  photo SAM_1788_zpsc3b2c12f.jpg

First attempt at unpacking the stash, took door of the wardrobe so the shelves would fit.  photo SAM_1789_zps5c70389f.jpg

Benches setup, as before they are elevated to make the working height more comfortable.  photo SAM_1790_zps2b9f384b.jpg

New home of display cabinets. The nice on is in the living room. Plenty of work ahead to fill all 3.  photo SAM_1791_zpsd471ab58.jpg

Taping up the gaps in the portable spray booth, helps a little with airflow, and a lot with particle leak.  photo SAM_1792_zps7a945bf4.jpg

Drawers and paint racks in place, for now  photo SAM_1797_zps04b57bb7.jpg

And finally the stash is unboxed, looks so much bigger having it all in one place.  photo SAM_1822_zps3fcafc1a.jpg

The big boxes go in the small wardrobe and the eggplanes etc line the door.  photo SAM_1823_zpse0fec561.jpg

F1 kits etc. Did not realise I had that many as they lived under the stairs in the old place.  photo SAM_1824_zps8a7cc91e.jpg

Sort of sorted. From the bottom - Thunderbirds and MaK, TV and movie stuff, Air etc.  photo SAM_1825_zps111fb3aa.jpg

A few vehicles and the big Gundams live high for now.  photo SAM_1826_zps7d6bc196.jpg

Diorama, accessories etc and the stash of unboxed Star Wars kits  photo SAM_1827_zps48f5fb86.jpg

Gunpla :-)  photo SAM_1828_zps73f6827d.jpg

Tidy(ish)  photo SAM_1829_zps3ea94005.jpg

Booth and airbrushes are out. 2 of the big Drawers have basing stuff etc in them.  photo SAM_1830_zps4e506f32.jpg

Primers, Alclads, Cleaning and Thinning products. Drawers have AB cleaning, enamels etc. Dehydraytor (dryer), ultrasonic cleaner.  photo SAM_1831_zps02d2c205.jpg

Model Air paints, Badger Minintaire paints. Drawers of weathing, styrene spares, masking, clamps, basing, foliage etc etc  photo SAM_1832_zps816eec3e.jpg

Smaller regularly used tools. AK paints, AK weathering, Vallejo and Flory washes, Lifecolour flesh set. Drawers of sanding, lighting, polishing, decals etc  photo SAM_1833_zpsb4fd13ac.jpg

Now the fun part, putting it all to use.

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  1. Wish you lived near me, I could spend a lot of time looking through your stash :)